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Setup your Partner Center for SpinPanel

SpinPanel uses the Partner Center API to manage subscriptions and license assignment. During onboarding SpinPanel will ask you for this information.

Testing SpinPanel with an Integration Sandbox account

If you would like to evaluate SpinPanel in a test environment first, you can use the Partner Center Integration Sandbox.

  1. First sign in into Partner Center with an account that has admin agent permissions. (This is your primary Partner Center account.)
  2. From the Dashboard menu, select Account settings, then Integration sandbox.

Note:  If you don’t see an Integration sandbox option, you might not have an admin agent account, or the integration sandbox has already been set up and you’re using an integration sandbox account.

  1. Fill in the contact information for the integration sandbox admin account, and then click Set up account. You might need to wait a few minutes for the account to be created.
  2. After you see the confirmation message, sign out of Partner Center, then sign back in with your new integration sandbox admin account, in the form username@domain and with the password you just specified.

After your account is set up, you must enable API access before you can use SpinPanel with the integration sandbox.

Enable API access for SpinPanel

Sign in with your integration sandbox admin account

  1. From the Dashboard menu, select Account settings, then App Management
  2. Now click Add new native app, this new app will be listed as Partner Center Native App

Copy the App ID and Domain, you’ll need these for onboarding.

  1. Create a new user for SpinPanel e.g. spinpanel@domain (where domain is the sandbox integration account domain).
  2. Select “Assists your customers as” Admin agent and “Manages your company as” User management admin

Follow the steps described in Onboarding for CSP 1-Tier Partners to configure SpinPanel

Using SpinPanel with your primary Partner Center account

You need to enable access to the API separately for both your primary Partner Center account and your integration sandbox account. So repeat the steps for your production account.

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