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Onboarding for customers of CSP 1-Tier Partners

As a customer of a CSP 1-Tier you can onboard your organization through the steps as stated below:

  1. Visit Microsoft AppSource
  2. Sign in with your organization account and, when prompted, agree with the consent message.
  3. Within the onboarding wizard select No when being asked whether your organization is a CSP 1-Tier Partner.
  4. When prompted fill in the Invite code. Your partner has this invite code, so when you don’t know this code, please contact your partner.
  5. When prompted for stating whether your organization uses DirSync and/or AD FS select either one or both options.
    • Note: This┬áselection can be changed within SpinPanel after onboarding.
    • Note: If you’re not sure which option to select, please contact you partner.

After onboarding, depending of the chosen option(s) at step 5, your users are being synchronized with the SpinPanel application.

Click here for further information about Users and groups.


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